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If you had to assume the identity of one DC Universe character, it would likely be Batman or Superman. Letís be honestóthere arenít people getting Captain Marvel tattoos on their foreheads. You donít see anyone naming their firstborn Batman or Clark Kent. Sure, these lesser-appreciated characters arenít without their share of fans. But the real diehards are in one of two camps: Batman or Superman. That really is the age-old question, isnít it? When the choices are limited to the DC Comics universe, it always comes down to two.

How are you supposed to decide with so much at stake? Itís your life thatís going to be irreversibly changed, after all. There is a solution. Go with your gut and make your choice based on your soundest logic. Then, shop at our store to get clothing featuring the superhero that you didnít pick. Itís like youíre getting the best of both worldsóyouíll be a walking contradiction. Nobody will understand why Superman is wearing a Batman T shirt, but thatís their problem. All you know is that youíre eating your cake and having it, too.