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Cyclops Halloween Adult Full Head Mask

Cyclops Halloween Adult Full Head Mask
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Estimated to release by Halloween 2017

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Cyclops Halloween Adult Full Head Mask

Originally a member of a primordial race of giants, each with a single eye in the middle of its forehead, the Cyclops was thought to be long extinct. That all changed when the crew of Trick or Treat Studio decided to take a trip from our busy mask making schedule and to go see an old fashioned Circus Sideshow of the Bazaar.

What we saw would forever change our lives. It was living, breathing, a combination of the Cyclops from Greek Mythology and Schlitze the Pinhead. It had a huge eye, large tongue, big teeth, enormous ears and it wore a little cup for a hat. The handler told us it was the only living Cyclops remaining on the planet.

It seemed friendly enough, so Chris Russell asked if he could pet the beast, but as he approached, something set it off and it proceeded to tear our lead mold maker from limb to limb!

The rest of the team made it out alive, but severely traumatized, so Chris decided to sculpt the Scary Cyclops Halloween Mask as a tribute to our fallen mold maker. We’ll miss you buddy!

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