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Creeper By Ditko mens t-shirt

Creeper By Ditko mens t-shirt
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Creeper By Ditko T-Shirt

Creeper By Ditko T-Shirt. Two blasts-from-the-past take center-stage this month with the new Creeper and Big Barda T-Shirts. The Creeper features Steve Ditko's anatomically-contorted artwork screenprinted in full-color on a black 100 cotton shirt. Big Barda focuses on the classic Jack Kirby feminine-form imprinted in color on a maroon 100% cotton shirt. Still available while supplies last are these cover designs celebrating DC's 75th Anniversary. Enjoy the past but always have your eyes on the future! NOW AVAILABLE for sale in Canada and U.K.

Creeper By Ditko T-Shirt . Secure your new item by ordering today.

**Please note: This item by Graphitti Designs typically has a DC Comics Trademark Logo by the main graphic and a Graphitti Designs Logo on the sleeve.