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Cacofonix Mini Bust

Cacofonix Mini Bust
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Cacofonix Mini Bust

Cacofonix Mini Bust is an Urban Collector pre-order. Imported from France! In Roman-era Gaul, tales were told and songs were sung by the village bard, who entertained the rabble with epic tales of history and legend. For Asterix and Obelix, their village's bard was Cacofonix, a musician of some repute with an easy faculty for the many and varied instruments of his era. A preening and somewhat aloof man, Cacofonix is brought to life by Attakus, who sculpts the bard out of resin for this 6 1/4' tall mini-bust. Limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide and part of Attakus' Petibonum Collection, the Cacofonix bust will be a musical treat for every fan of Rene Goscinny's beloved Asterix graphic albums. Each statue comes numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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