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Kick up your closet’s contents with our selection of T-shirts inspired by the great Bruce Lee. Recognized in Hollywood as a martial artist extraordinaire and a surprisingly talented actor, Lee’s legacy birthed a number of copycats. However, no one has done it quite like him. From the many kung-fu movies that he’s starred in to the excellence he was able to achieve in the martial arts, Lee was always exceptional at whatever he chose to pursue.

The shirts that you’ll find here pay homage to his work. What else would you expect from the man that created the one-inch punch and brought the idea of isometrics into the mainstream? The bright colors in this collection are nods to the bright personality that this standout martial artist possessed. You won’t be able to name a movie that Lee was in that’s not featured in this collection. Whether you were an Enter the Dragon fan or preferred Fists of Fury, you’ll find something that suits your tastes here.