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Battlestar Galactica Artist Notebook

Battlestar Galactica Artist Notebook
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Battlestar Galactica Artist Notebook

Do you have a mysterious connection to the Eye of Jupiter or Mandala? Perhaps you found the Cylon War painting the most noteworthy piece in Admiral Adama’s quarters? If so, then perhaps the inner artist in you is crying out to be released….onto the newly released BSG Artist Book ! Adding another piece to the BSG collection of notebooks, the BSG Artist book contains 224 bordered, blank pages, ready to be sketched, doodled, written or drawn. With the classic clipped book edges, this daily use book looks like it stepped right off of the set. Whether your are the a beginning artist, professional or simply someone who can’t stand the confines of writing on lines, satiate your everyday BSG geek by switching to the line of BSG Art and journal books! This item is intended for adults, 18 years old and up. Made in China.

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