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Battlestar Galactica Apollo Cufflinks

Battlestar Galactica Apollo Cufflinks
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Battlestar Galactica Apollo Cufflinks

Whether itís a night on the town or romantic date with a certain blonde Cylon, you are sure to make an impact with the coolest cufflinks this side of the Alpha Centauri! Introducing the only pair of cufflinks fit for Captain Lee Adama Ė the Captainís set of menís cufflinks. These beautiful, high polished aluminum cufflinks faithfully replicates the rank of captain, worn by Captain Lee Adamaís duty blue or viper flight suit uniforms on Battlestar Galactica. Not only would these rank cufflinks be the envy of every BSG fan, but they also discretely hide your insatiable BSG fandom behind a polished vale of pomp and civility. This item is intended for adults, 18 years old and up. Made in China.

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