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AVP Predator Chop figure

AVP Predator Chop figure
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Predator Chop, 5.5" tall figure with a stone texture finish

In China, the art of carving and engraving "chops", which are a device used to imprint a personal seal of identity, dates back over 3,000 years. Visitors to Hong Kong and other Asian cities discover a wide range of these unique items, generally carved in the shape of animals that symbolize the various birth years of the Chinese calendar.

Nowadays, seals are still widely used, and the art of seal engraving has become more, not less, popular than ever before. More note-worthy is that many foreigners are now able to appreciate this art form, which for a long time has been considered uniquely Chinese.

Dark Horse has decided to take this one step further, and has created their own special chops in the shape of our old pals Alien and Predator. The symbol on the bottom is taken from the hieroglyphics seen in Twentieth Century Fox's Aliens Vs. Predator film. Designed by Curt Chiarelli.