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AT-TE | Star Wars Titanium Series

AT-TE | Star Wars Titanium Series
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AT-TE | Star Wars Titanium Series

This mainstay of Republic armored assault battalions is dropped by specialized carrier vehicles wherever combat is thickest. It carries a complement of 20 clone troopers, and enough firepower to breach even the most well defended enemy positions. At the Battle of Geonosis and many other battles early in the Clone Wars, the walkerís imposing size and massive armament broke the morale of many non-droid Separatist units, and utterly smashed droid squads.

Add this highly detailed and totally cool collectible to your next Star Wars adventure! Made of die-cast metal, the AT-TE walker vehicle replica is ideal for play or display. With its moving legs and included display stand, itís ready to take its rightful place in your Star Wars collection!

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