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Anime cartoons are a Japanese import, much like automobiles made in that country. Do you know what the difference between a car and an anime cartoon is? You drive one and you watch the other. Now that this core difference has been established, consider how similar cars and anime really are. You’ll be quite surprised. Before you do that, take a second to browse our collection of anime shirts. Purchase as many as you like. We’ll wait here patiently. Are you done? Well then, let’s get back to the point of all this discourse.

Both cars and anime can be watched at stoplights, but only if you have in-car entertainment. Looking at both will also provide you with a sense of visual pleasure, and gawking is encouraged. Also, cars and anime cartoons have tires. Well, OK, that last part was fabricated, but as you can see, there are innumerable similarities between this separated-at-birth duo.