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Anchorman t-shirts

Anchorman Im Kind of a Big Deal mens t-shirt
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What’s more impressive than an Anchorman T-shirt? We don’t know if there’s an answer to that question. All of the apparel housed in our vast warehouse pales in comparison to the shirts placed before you. They will come shipped with the scent of a library that contains numerous leather-bound books, rich mahogany cabinetry and the scent of 18-year-old Scotch whisky. Actually, we’ve recently had to stop this practice of selling pre-scented clothing for legal reasons, but you can just imagine what that would be like.

As an owner of these exceptional examples of Anchorman clothing, you have the right to rewrite history as you please. Show those pesky Californians who the boss is by changing the history of San Diego. You may not know (or care) about its origins, but heretofore, San Diego shall be the German word for a whale’s nether regions. And that, at least to us, seems like an exceptionally appropriate name for a city. So hurry up and purchase these shirts already so we can giggle every time we say San Diego.