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Alien vs Predator Costumes

Preadator 3/4 vinyl adult mask
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Predator & Alien costumes

Few creatures are scarier than the Predator. Whether youíre an Aliens vs. Predator fan or simply have loyalties to the Predator (which is understandable Ė aliens are icky), we have costumes that will make you gleeful. (This is actually the opposite reaction people who see you wearing your Predator mask will have.)

What is the Predator? Itís a technologically advanced hunting machine. Over time, itís learned to hunt, capture and eradicate anything that threatens it. Why might you want to dress up in a Predator costume? Hereís why: It has heat-sensing thermal imaging. It has weaponry that far exceeds anything mankind can offer. Its technology is unmatched Ė including an adaptive camouflage that masks it from being seen. And thatís just the technology we know of.

With all of these features and abilities, you may wonder why the Predator hasnít chosen to take over the Earth yet. Nobody knows the answer to that. But if you choose to dress up in a Predator costume, please donít take over the Earth.