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Addams Family Costumes

Morticia Addams child wig
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Addams Family costumes

Our selection of Addams family costumes and accessories is scary-good. A fit of joy will overtake you when you see all of your favorite characters like Uncle Fester, Wednesday and Morticia in this Addams Family costume collection. Dress up as your favorite character from this creepy family this Halloween.

Few people know that The Addams Family lineage began as a comic strip before being adapted to other mediums. Only after they hit television sets did the former comic strip reach commercial success. The Addams Family gained notoriety after being turned into a syndicated show about a misfit family. The catch was that, while they were awkward eccentrics, only the viewer was privy to this knowledge. The family went about their business perfunctorily, ignorant of their idiosyncrasies.

This iconic family broke molds when it first appeared as a black-and-white television show in 1964. Their unusual behavior was strikingly different than any of the shows of the time. This has helped them remain relevant many years after their debut. These Addams Family costumes, too, will remain cool as ever.