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Achilles 1:5 Scale Statue

Achilles 1:5 Scale Statue
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Achilles 1:5 Scale Statue

Achilles 1:5 Scale Statue. He was the greatest of ancient Greece's warriors. The son of Peleus, Achilles was believed to be invulnerable, his skin hardened by a magical potion in which was bathed as a youth. His body was a finely honed weapon, his reflexes were quick, his aim was sharp and true. Before the gates of Troy, he fought for the honor of all Greece. This legend from the mists of humanity's past is sculpted as a 17' tall statue by Arahom Radjah and Troy McDevitt. Wearing authentic Greek clothing and armor and armed with a spear and sword, this Greek warrior can inspire you to your own feats of legendary renown.

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